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                                           Who Is Ozzie?
Ozzie is actually my black cat.  I'm actually Susan and I use the name Ozzie or ozzieblackcat as my online name.   I enjoy my family, my cat Ozzie, flower gardening, going to the movies, watching television, dining out, working on the computer, walking and reading good novels as well as computer books.  I have a large collection of elephants, collectible dishes and various other really neat "stuff".  I also like to play "Scrabble. 
I am a Baby Boomer and am the mother of four adults ages 25 - 39.  I also have one wonderful grandson.   I am expecting a new little granddaughter in May.  All of the family is very excited about this addition. 
On this website, I'd like to share some of my life and experiences with you.  Most Baby Boomers have entered retirement age just as my husband and I have.  All of us have lots of years and events in our memories.  I think we're pretty special and we have a lot to share.   
My husband and I have been married forty years and have lived together in this house for over 35 years.  We had the house built originally in the early 70's and since then we've put a couple of new roofs on it, done some remodeling and cleaned, reorganized and  painted too many times.  It's unbelieveable how much "stuff" we've accumulated through the years. 
My husband and I have been retired seniors for about two years now.  A few months ago I started selling Avon Beauty Products to supplement our retirement income and to get out among friends and neighbors.  I'm enjoying this new venture even though I've never sold anything before in my life! 

"Scrabble" Ozzie

I've chosen to use the "Scrabble" Ozzie as the logo for my site. A friend of mine made it for me as a gift. He knew that I love to play the board game "Scrabble". I'm pretty good at it too! I've had lots of games with my kids as well as my grandson. In addition to the board game, I have an inexpensive electronic "Scrabble" which like to play when I'm watching tv or riding in the car.

Did I mention that I love to shop. I always have and probably always will. Kohl's is one of my favorite places for clothes but I also like Penney's and Macy's. I enjoy seeing what's new at Bass Pro just to have a look at the fish, animals and stream. I've done some shopping online but usually when I'm hunting for a specific item.

For the past several years I have enjoyed posting and participating in several online forums. I've been able to learn a lot about other people, their lives and their problems and how they deal with them. I've learned that we're all a lot stronger than we think. I've also been learning more about computers and building websites and blogs. A few years ago, I barely knew how to turn on a computer!



                                           The Other Ozzie

I've chosen the name Ozzie or Ozzieblackcat as my user name at most places that I visit on the web. Strange name for a female senior citizen huh? Well, maybe not as strange as you might think. My cat is black and his name is Ozzie. I guess I really like him and his name.

Ozzie is the third cat we've owned during our married life. The first cat was Misty a grey female. She was a really sweet cat with a calm temperament and lived to be about 14 years old, I think. Our second cat was an orange tabby named Freddie. He also lived to a ripe old age. My youngest son Andy was very attached to him.

Ozzie is only two years old and is still pretty fiesty. He thinks he runs the house and he growls at us if he doesn't get his way. Sometimes he bites too! You'll find a picture of Ozzie the black cat below. There are also more pictures of him on the following pages.

Now that you've met this retired, Baby Boomer, and senior citizen named Ozzie, I'd be glad if you would check out the rest of the site. You might see something you enjoy. I sure hope so. By the way, you may call me Ma, Susan, Ozzie, Ozzieblackcat or Grandma Susie. I answer to them all!


Hi I'm Susan/Ozzie
My online name is Ozzie which I stole from my blackcat. As you can see, I'm a Baby Boomer
The real Ozzie!
Ozzie our black cat
Ozzie showed up on our doorstep when he was about 6 weeks old. He is now 2 years old.

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